• Edouard Vuillard
    Deux femmes dans un interieur, watercolor on paper. 1892
  • Jan Victors
    Benjamin and his Brethren, 17th century, oil on canvas
  • Large Blue & White ‘Dragon’ vase, Qing Dynasty, Early 19th century, Jiaqing-Daoguang Period
  • Girolamo Troppa
    Apollo Flaying Marsyas,
    oil on canvas
  • Ten-Panel Screen, Coromandel Lacquer ‘Daoist Immortals’ Qing Dynasty, Kangxi Period, dated by inscription 1689
  • Giulio Tadolini
    Judith, 1881, marble
  • Norman Rockwell
    Shuffleton’s Barbershop,
    1950, oil on canvas
  • Sir Joshua Reynolds
    Portrait of Mr. W. Cave,
    oil on canvas
  • ‘Tale of Genji’ screen,
    Japan, 16th Century
  • Franklin Simmons
    Penelope, 1894, Marble
  • Rembrandt Peale
    George Washington, Oil on canvas
  • Norman Rockwell,
    Blacksmith’s Boy – Heel and Toe, 1940, Oil on canvas
  • Thomas Moran
    The Last Arrow, 1867, Oil on canvas
  • Adriaen Isenbrant
    The Temptation, Oil on panel
  • Adriaen Isenbrant
    Flight into Egypt, Oil on panel
  • John LaFarage
    Magnolia, 1863,
    Oil on panel
  • Henry Moore
    Three Seated Figures, 1942,
    Pastel, ink and pen on paper
  • Francis Picabia
    Force Comique,
    Watercolor on paper
  • George Inness
    The Painter at Work
    Circa 1867-1869, Oil on canvas
  • George Henry Durrie
    Hunter in Winter Wood, 1860
    Oil on canvas
  • Edwin Lord Weeks
    Indian Prince, Palace of Agra
    Oil on canvas
  • Augustus Saint-Gaudens
    Diana of the Tower, 1899, Bronze
  • Raoul Dufy
    La Fête, Circa 1935,
    Watercolor on paper
  • Pieter De Hooch
    The Music Party, Oil on canvas
  • Thomas Wilmer Dewing
    The White Dress, Oil on canvas
  • Charles Daubigny
    Paysans allant aux champs le matin, Oil on canvas
  • Daniel Ridgway Knight
    Girl with Dog, 1866
    Oil on canvas
  • Frederic Edwin Church
    Valley of the Santa Ysabel,
    1875, Oil on canvas
  • Ritual Food Vessel
    Early Western Zhou Period, Bronze
  • Large Bronze Figure of Guanyin
    China or Japan, 19th Century
  • Charles Wilson Peale
    Portrait of General David Forman 1784, Oil on canvas
  • William Bouguereau
    L’Agneau nouveau-né
    (The Newborn Lamb)
    1873, Oil on canvas
  • Alexander Calder
    Dancing Torpedo Shape
    1932, Wood, wire & aluminum
  • William Bouguereau
    La bourrique (The Pony-back Ride)
    1884, Oil on canvas
  • Albert Bierstadt
    Giant Redwood Trees of California
    1874, Oil on canvas
  • Ralph Blakelock
    Rocky Mountains, Oil on canvas
  • Benjamin West
    Daniel Interpreting to Belshazzar the Handwriting on the Wall
    1775, Oil on canvas
  • Albert Bierstadt
    Connecticut River Valley,
    Claremont, New Hampshire
    1868, Oil on canvas
  • Alberto Pasini
    Market Day in Constantinople
    1877, Oil on canvas
  • Alexander Calder
    Double Arc and Sphere
    1932, Painted wood, wire
    and sheet metal