Save the Art / Save the Museum (STA/STM)

Ad hoc citizens group formed in the summer of 2017 to protest the Berkshire Museum’s announcement of its intent to sell the core of its valuable art collection, change its founder’s mission, and violate its responsibility to the communities it serves.

This group of local and national supporters contextualize the issues for the public and the press, organized protests, raised funds for litigation, and educated the public. STA brought national attention to issues critical to the future of all public art collections, and continues to advocate for preservation of the Public Trust.

They are united by commitment to the importance of this historical collection, its artists, donors, and their regional significance.

This website documents STA activities and offers background information through national and regional print, broadcast, and social news media, as well as court filings.

While litigations decided in favor of the Berkshire Museum resulted in liquidating 22 of the most valuable works of art, STA’s efforts brought national attention to critical issues that impact increasingly vulnerable public collections. The devastating loss to the Berkshire community, especially Pittsfield, demonstrates the need for effective legal protections to safeguard publicly owned art collections, a key STA goal.

The Public Trust, by definition, belongs to all of us and must be preserved for future generations.