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Community Response

Voices from the community far and wide spoke up through signed petitions, wrote passionate letters to the Berkshire Eagle, hundreds stood in protest, donated funds to support legal action and continue lively debate on social media.

Throughout the website, personal stories, articles, and timelines reflect these voices from throughout the community and the wider public. It exists for future generations to learn from, and provides a resource to support financially challenged institutions whose art collections may face threat of liquidation now or in the future.


“I am signing because I believe the Berkshire Museum’s board of trustees have failed in their stewardship of the museum. The sale of these works of art violates the code of ethic followed by accredited museums and a betrayal of the public trust.”

Nancy L.

While museums do sell pieces from time to time, they don’t sell them wholesale, especially their core collection. This is really outrageous and would be a huge blow to the Berkshires.

Cathy C.


The Save the Art website provides an historical record of the Berkshire Museum’s actions beginning the summer of 2017, when its trustees publicly announced that Pittsfield’s valuable art and historic heritage was contracted for sale at Sotheby’s. It documents and archives the events leading to this action, as well as the financial backdrop, protests, legal suits, and extensive print coverage following.

The sale of the Berkshire Museum’s art collection irreparably divided the Berkshire community and caused repercussions nationwide to the present, when economic fallout from a global pandemic puts the Public Trust in ever-greater danger.

It is our hope that this website will assist other institutions, communities, legal professionals, researchers, and interested citizens who face related issues and challenges, well into the future.