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Letters to the Editor

July 14, 2021
A better question for new Berkshire Museum boss
Morris Bennett and Anne Roland, Pittsfield

June 1, 2021
Shuffleton’s last days in the Berkshires
Thom Smith, Pittsfield

March 22, 2021
Former Berkshire Museum leaders rub salt in wounds for art sale opponents
Susan Bronson, Monterey
The writer is a former Berkshire Museum director of development and interim director, and is currently the executive director of Yiddish Book Center in Amherst.

December 12, 2019
After art sale, museum’s ask for money not a good look
William Vogt, Stockbridge

September 24, 2018
Museum sales foes down to ‘Last Arrow’
Barry Lobovits, M.D., Pittsfield


2018 / August

August 20, 2018
Die already cast on art sale appeal
Florence Mason, Stephentown, NY

August 1, 2018
Shields’ replacement is here in Berkshires
Eric Rudd, North Adams The writer is an artist and founder of the Berkshire Art Museum in North Adams

2018 / July

July 18, 2018
Donating to PA museum that saved Church art
Stan Nikkel, Hinsdale
Proposed museum lobby unsuitable for art display
Katherine Montgomery, North Adams
Close your checkbooks while leaving museum
Timothy J. Sullivan, Jr., Pittsfield

July 13, 2018
Transparency = trust for Berkshire Museum
Hope Davis, Carol Diehl, Margaret Heilbrun, Linda Kaye-Moses, Arlene Murdock, Rosemary Starace
The writers are members of Save the Art

July 12, 2018
Questions of conflict at Berkshire Museum
Linda Lykkebak, Orlando, FL
The writer was born and grew up in the Berkshires.

July 9, 2018
Museum board must go
Robert Toth, Pittsfield

July 6, 2018
Questions persist about Berkshire Museum
Sally White, Williamstown

July 3, 2018
Shields sells and runs
Jane McWhorter, Great Barrington

‘Berkshire Museums,’ as such, no longer exists
Morris Bennett and Anne Roland, Pittsfield

2018 / June

June 29, 2018
Board should follow Shields out the door
William Vogt, Stockbridge

June 28, 2018
Despair at the sale of Albert Bierstadt painting
George Wislocki, Pittsfield
The writer is founding president of the Berkshire Natural Resources Council

June 27, 2018
Unforgivable assault on art and memories
James M. Lamme III, Great Barrington

June 17, 2018
Berkshire Museum must schedule public forums
Martha Lenz, Pittsfield

June 9, 2018
Critical museum stories just aren’t newsworthy
Peter Gordon, Richmond
Husband of Wendy Gordon who sits on the Berkshire Museum Board of Trustees

June 7, 2018
Museum’s PR spin won’t help it move on
Peter Dudek, Windsor

June 7, 2018
Eagle keeps inflaming anti-museum emotions
Marcia Feuer, Richmond

Going forward, museum must be transparent
Sally White, Williamstown

June 5, 2018
Museum board still isn’t being open
Roger Mandle, South Dartmouth The writer is former president, Rhode Island School of Design; former deputy director and chief curator, National Gallery of Art; former member, National Council on the Arts and Ohio Arts Council; president of the board, Newport Restoration Foundation; member, Williams College Museum of Art Visiting Committee; member, Alliance of American Museums; and member, New England Museums Association.

Museum’s open letter raises more questions
Karen Ketcham, Adams

June 1, 2018
An entire new set of spritzed up Rockwells
Wayne Burkhart, Monterey

2018 / May

May 31, 2018
Museum leaders have assured robust future
Michael Zaccaro, Pittsfield

May 29, 2018
Lucas should acknowledge painting’s Berkshire link
Morris Bennett and Anne Roland, Pittsfield

May 28, 2018
Shields, museum board should step down ASAP
John DiTomasso, Peru

May 24, 2018
Museum leadership deserves to be scorned
Amy Renak, Pittsfield

May 22, 2018
Questioning museum critic’s haughty decrees
Franklin Fisher, Pittsfield

May 21, 2018
Cheerleaders for ‘New Vision’ that will be anything but
Charles Giuliano, North Adams
The writer is publisher/editor of Berkshire Fine Arts

May 13, 2018
Sad museum spectacle is blow to Berkshires
Steve Dew, Williamstown

May 13, 2018
Museum clearly violated intentions of Zenas Crane
Linda Lykkebak, Orlando, FL
The writer was born and raised in Pittsfield

May 10, 2018
Heartbreaking loss of Hudson River paintings
Bill Foster, Annapolis, MD

May 3, 2018
Waiting for answers from AG on art sale
Robert Gorden, Becket, MA

2018 / April

April 23, 2018
Museum trustees, city will lose this war
Sally White, Williamstown

April 19, 2018
Enough already with the bashing of museum
Isabelle Kaplan, Pittsfield

Art sale a Pyrrhic victory
Patricia Ryan, Great Barrington

Museum devolving into a community center
Peter Dudek, Windsor, MA
The writer teaches sculpture at the School of Visual Arts and Hunter College in New York City

April 17, 2018
Legal system has spoken in favor of museum plan
Barbara Crochiere Roberts, Pittsfield

Museum disgrace must lead to resignations
Michael Paul Richard and Peggy Richard, New Marlborough

April 16, 2018
Loss of museum’s art conflicts with cultural goals
E. J. Johnson, Adams The writer is the Amos Lawrence Professor of Art, emeritus, at Williams College

April 13, 2018
Kaye-Moses column says it all on art sale
Judith Leach, Pittsfield

Bouguereau’s inspirational vision is evidently lost.
Regina Mason, Pittsfield

Museum decision frees barbarians to pillage
Jonas Dovydenas, Lenox

Damage to museum, city will not be easily repaired
Margaret Heilbrun, Grier Horner, Martha Lenz, John Townes and a list of others signed this letter

April 12, 2018
Supporter of Museum is offended and heartsick
R.H. Rice, Pittsfield

April 11, 2018
Bringing back the art offers new opportunities
Carol Diehl, Housatonic

April 10, 2018
Local history lost through art sale
Alice Nathan, Irving Marks, Lee

Museum supporter betrayed by sale
Ann G. Spadafora, Becket

April 8, 2018
Museum board should have appealed to public
Celia deG Kittredge, Tyringham

April 6, 2018
Museum’s ‘victory’ may be short-lived
Patricia Spaniol, Stephentown

April 4, 2018
Lessons from St. Petersburg about the Berkshire Museum
Leslie Ferrin, Cummington, the Berkshire Edge

2018 / March

March 26, 2018
Expert provides voice for museum donors
Margaret M. Roussin, Hinsdale

March 19, 2018
Crane should continue to live on in museum
Michael Morin, Newton, Ma.
The writer is a former resident of Pittsfield.

March 13, 2018
Crane gifts to museum would be painful loss
David Peter Moser, Panama City, Florida
The author is a former resident of Pittsfield.

March 10, 2018
Museum’s ‘New Vision’ not what youth need
Robert Cherdack, Ashfield

March 8, 2018
Why are trustees insistent on shufflin off Rockwells?
Dolores Darby, Wendell, N.C.
The writer was born and grew up in The Berkshires.

March 5, 2018
Community must demand end to museum art sale
Linda Lykkebak, Orlando, Florida The writer was born and grew up in Pittsfield.

2018 / February

February 28, 2018
Sale would devastate potential cultural corridor
Sharon Gregory, Great Barrington,
Save the Art member

February 20, 2018
Firing, house-cleaning is a better ‘new vision’
Flavia Mastellone, Williamstown,

February 16, 2018
OPINION I Publius: ‘Compromise’ on art dispute fails the smell test
By Alan Chartock

February 15, 2018
A great day for museum and for city of Pittsfield
James M. Ruberto, Pittsfield,
The writer is a former mayor of Pittsfield.

2018 / January

January 6, 2018
Letter: Barnum would be proud of museum’s strategy
Christopher J. Gillooly, North Adams

January 1, 2018
Letter: Museum should market, not sell its valuable art
Lou Coco, Richmond

2017 / December

December 28, 2017
Letter: Museum is priority, not the pictures
Jane Braus, Lenox

December 18, 2017
Letter: A prescription for the Berkshire Museum
David Wimberly, Pittsfield

December 12, 2017
Letter: Museum must back up claim of dire finances
Robert Dillon Jr., Pittsfield

December 11, 2017
Letter: Protect our common property at museum
James Abruzzo, Lee

Letter: How to succeed at a regional museum
Hope Davis, Great Barrington

December 8, 2017
Letter: Museum should have transparent discussion
David Noyes, Pittsfield

Letter: Selling art is a betrayal Letter: Museum might need an independent monitor
Carolyn Kay Brancato, Richmond,
the writer founded The Conference Board’s Global Corporate Governance Center and Directors’ Institute and has trained boards of directors in the U.S. and throughout the world.

Letter: Don’t tear heart out of Berkshire Museum
Mary Hammill, Hopkins, Minn

Letter: Museum’s purpose was never about artwork
Steve Moore, Fayetteville, PA

December 7, 2017
Letter: Museum board should accept Hinds’ overture
Karen Chase, Lenox

Letter: Eagle is right to pursue facts on museum plan
Tigger Bruenn, West Stockbridge

December 6, 2017
Letter: Berkshire Museum still won’t provide transparency
Florence Mason, Stephentown, N.Y.

December 5, 2017
Letter: Eagle conflict of interest on Berkshire Museum
Dr. Lydia S Rosner, Becket,
the writer is a member of the Berkshire Museum’s Board of Trustees. She is also a professor emeritus, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and author: “The Soviet Way of Crime,” “The Russian Writer’s Daughter,” “Building Becket: A Love Story.”

2017 / November

November 27, 2017
Letter: All parties must unite for museum end game
Philip Deely, Stockbridge

November 21, 2017
Letter: Lawmakers must revisit stance on museum
Roberta Russell, Lenox

November 9, 2017
Letter: Loss of great art makes museum poor, not rich
Barbara Nessim, New York, N.Y., Savoy
The writer is a well-known American artist, illustrator, digital art pioneer and educator.

November 9, 2017
Letter: Museum should give art to local institutions
Vickie Newman, Dalton

November 6, 2017
Letter: Save museum artwork for future generations
Steffi Fletcher, Stockbridge

Letter: No rivaling Smithsonian
Stephanie Stebich, Washington, D.C.
The writer is the Margaret and Terry Stent Director, Smithsonian American Art Museum

November 1, 2017
Letter: Museum’s proud history extends into present
Save the art. Lila Berle, Great Barrington

Letter: ‘Bold step forward’ has got it backwards
Georgeanne and Jean Rousseau, Stockbridge

2017 / October

October 31, 2017
Letter: Critics of art sale are undermining museum
Virginia Elvin, Tyringham

Letter: Honor donors’ intent, support the public trust
Sharon Gregory, Great Barrington
The author writes on behalf of “Save the Art — Save the Museum” and its supporters

October 29, 2017
Letter: Art sale, new vision will
Lucy R. Sacco, Pittsfield

Letter: Pause sale of art gifts to people of Berkshires
Karen Ketcham, Adams

October 23, 2017
Community demands better of museum administration
Sarah Horne, Stockbridge

Letter: Museum’s strategy counter to economic principles
Carol Paul, Williamstown

October 21, 2017
Letter: Cancelled meeting with MCC is final straw
Thomas R. Hardy, Pittsfield

Letter: Museum should explore options, not renovate
Katherine Anne Kelly Montgomery, North Adams

October 20, 2017
Letter: Crane’s good intentions violated by museum
Linda Lykkebak, Orlando, FL
The writer is a native of Pittsfield

October 18, 2017
Letter: Champion is needed to save art, museum
Carol Diehl, Housatonic
The writer is a nationally-known artist and art critic who has been active in Berkshire Museum programs.

Letter: Remove first 16 from chopping block
Rebekah Wise, Pittsfield

Letter: Honor Rockwell’s wishes
Joseph G. V. Maciora, Pittsfield

Letter: Supporters of museum should now speak up
Libby Herland, Pittsfield

October 17, 2017
Letter: Questions about Sotheby’s, contractors unanswered
Brian Allen, Arlington, VT

October 15, 2017
Letter: Find ways to counter art sales polarization
Martha Lenz, Pittsfield

Letter: Museum Rockwell loved is sacrificing its future
Alice Sedgwick Wohl, West Stockbridge

October 12, 2017
Letter: Museum plan is about money, not about children
Linda Cleary, Springfield
The writer grew up in Pittsfield

2017 / September

September 30, 2017
Letter: Berkshire Museum stuck on autopilot
Thomas White, Pittsfield

September 25, 2017
Letter: Auction house terms a mystery, and a concern
Ira Licht, West Stockbridge

September 22, 2017
Letter: Mishandled art sale compounds damage
Leslie Ferrin, North Adams, proprietor of Ferrin Contemporary.
Also signed by the following, all of whom are associated with Save The Art, Save The Museum:
Linda Gunderson, Eric Drury, Grier Horner, Martha Lenz, Florian Ptak, Arlene Murcoch and Phil Deely

September 12, 2017
Letters: Berkshire Museum’s ‘new vision’: Transform static museum galleries
The Berkshire Museum Board of Trustees, Pittsfield
the Berkshire Edge

2017 / August

August 30, 2017
Letter: Museum chooses future, owes nothing to past
Brendan Burns, Richmond

August 29, 2017
Letter: Museum losing baby, keeping bathwater
Donald Lykkebak, Winter Park, FL

August 26, 2017
Letter: Museum isn’t acting in community interest
Norma Purdy, Pittsfield

Letter: Son of the Berkshires supports museum
Al Jaffe, Old Saybrook, CT

Letter: Museum should focus on science, education
Isabelle Kaplan, Pittsfield
The writer is an educational consultant.

August 24, 2017
Letter: Museum alienating art lovers and donors
Elizabeth Weinberg, Lenox

August 23, 2017
Legality of museum’s plan to sell Rockwell paintings is questionable
Daniel Perry, Boston Globe
The writer is an attorney in New Bedford

Letter: Support new vision for Berkshire Museum
Marlena Willis, Pittsfield

Letter: Questions for those who spew hatred at museum
Sara Paul, Hinsdale

August 22, 2017
Letter: Honesty a victim in museum consultation
Peter Filkins, Cheshire
One of the 400 community members asked by Director Van Shields
to participate in a focus group on the museum’s future

August 21, 2017
Letter: Museum board must find a better solution
P. Lipman, Stephentown, NY

Letter: Trashing of museum is well underway
Florence Mason, Stephentown, NY

Letter: Support the desired museum change
Kate Lauzon, Pittsfield

August 19, 2017
Letter: Issue is implementing museum board’s plan
Nicholas Boraski, Pittsfield

Letter: Museum must change to survive and grow
Alan Sandstrom and Pamela Sandstrom, Pittsfield

Letter: Explore other options to finance museum
Thomas Reardon, Pittsfield

Letter: Museum sale only postpones inevitable
Doug Post, Lebanon Springs, NY

Letter: Museum risks losing support of community
Gail Kusek, Becket

August 18, 2017
Letter: Harness outpouring of passion for museum
Ani Nadler Grosser, Lenox

Letter: Satisfied by museum’s explanation for sales
David S. Rosenthal, Stockbridge

August 16, 2017
Letter: Template established for museum’s rebirth
Jules Seltzer and CJ Bolster, Pittsfield

August 15, 2017
Letter: Praise for museum’s new, expanded mission
Jack Cowles, Housatonic

Letter: Paintings should not be spirited away, hidden
Warner Friedman, Sheffield

August 14, 2017
Letter: Speak with checkbooks on future of museum
Dave Leja, Williamstown

Letter: We should all support our Berkshire Museum
Deborah Balmuth, Windsor

Letter: Perhaps wealthy buyers could phase-in solution
Robert Rendo, North Adams

Letter: Let the naysayers raise funds, buy art
Kathleen Nicklaw Murphy, Pittsfield

August 13, 2017
Letter: Museum shouldn’t risk getting pariah status
Dan Monroe, Salem
Former president of the American Alliance of Museums and of the Association of Art Museum Directors.
He is director and CEO of the Peabody Essex Museum which stands among the largest art museums in New England and among the top 18 art museums in the nation

Letter: Museum should pause, explore other options
Lori Fogarty and Laura L. Lott
Lori Fogarty is director and CEO, Oakland Museum of California, AAMD President.
Laura L. Lott is president and CEO, American Alliance of Museums. New York, NY

Letter: Criticism of museum descends into shaming
Judith Monachina, Stockbridge

August 11, 2017
Letter: Financial history of museum needed
Rosemary Starace, Pittsfield

Letter: Late-arriving critics should end the insults
Jim Martin, Peru

Letter: Missed opportunity for two county museums
Rachel I. Branch, North Adams
The writer is a mayoral candidate

August 10, 2017
Letter: Museum wasn’t up front about financial problems
Celia deG Kittredge, Tyringham

Letter: Museum shouldn’t sell Berkshire treasures
Allen Freshler, Hartford, CT

Letter: All parties were misled by Berkshire Museum
Carol Diehl, Housatonic
The writer is an artist and art critic.

August 9, 2017
Letter: A suggestion for the Berkshire Museum
Rene Wood, Sheffield

Letter: Support our wonderful Berkshire Museum
Paul Gniadek, Pittsfield

Letter: Rockwell gift dishonored
Richard M. Ziter, MD, West Stockbridge

Letter: Is museum’s mission statement flexible
Paul M. Costelloe, Washington

August 8, 2017
Letter: Don’t sell museum’s soul
Robin Volsky Vero Beach, FL

Letter: Williams College could take over Berkshire Museum
B. Lobovits, MD, Pittsfield

August 4, 2017
Letter: New museum mission serves wider audience
Pat and Churchill Cotton, Pittsfield

Letter: Museum should consider evolving by degree
Steve Levin, Williamstown
The writer is a professor emeritus of art at Williams College.

Letter: Proposed collaboration between two museums
Philip Grandchamp, Adams

Letter: Museum’s art itself is the best investment
Richard and Rebekah Wise, Pittsfield

Letter: High-tech exhibits are of doubtful value
Georgeanne Rousseau, Stockbridge

Letter: Museum scapegoats community in code
Judy Williamson, Castleton, NY

Letter: Debate prompted visit to impressive museum
Roselle K. Chartock, Great Barrington

Letter: Together, let’s save our Berkshire Museum
Jim Curley, Williamstown
The writer is a native of Pittsfield

Letter: Arrogant statement
Bob Scrivens, Williamstown

Letter: Museum must avoid an irremediable error
Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Stockbridge

Letter: Museum is pursuing responsible pathway
Ben Garcia, San Diego
The writer is deputy director, San Diego Museum of Man.

Letter: Unanswered questions about museum’s sale
Sally White, Williamstown

August 3, 2017
Berkshire Museum controversy warrants more reflection,
Barbara Bonner, Berkshire Edge

Letter: Public must know full story on art sale
Martin Kaplan, Lenox
The writer is a member of the Massachusetts Bar and former trustee of charitable foundations and trusts.

Letter: Rockwell family urges museum to keep artwork
Jarvis, Thomas, Peter, Barnaby, Geoffrey and John Rockwell

Letter: Stop personal attacks on museum officials
Jesse Cook-Dubin, Pittsfield

Letter: Museum plan would add to the glory of learning
Jayme Kurland, Becket
The writer is wife of Ethan Klepetar, VP of Berkshire Museum Board of Trustees

August 2, 2017
Letter: Art collection should be at center of new plan
Tom Anderson, San Jose, CA

August 1, 2017
Letter: Collection a monument to the Gilded Age
Lynn Villency Cohen, Stockbridge
Art Appraisal / Writer and Speaker

Letter: Museum should remain “window to the world”
Brian Butterworth, West Stockbridge

Letter: Plan enables museum to continue evolution
Paul Soroken, Lanesborough

Letter: Preserve art for future generations
Betsy Dovydenas, Lenox

Letter: Thompson clarifies what is at stake
George Bissell, Dalton

2017 / July

July 30, 2017
Appalled by Berkshire Museum’s sale of artwork
Warner Friedman, the Berkshire edge, Sheffield

July 29, 2017
Letter: Keep art, reach out to arts community
Daniel Bellow, Great Barrington; Michael Boroniec, Lanesborough; Susan Bronson, Monterey; Daniel Bellow and Michael Boroniec are artists, Susan Bronson is the executive director of the Yiddish Book Center and former director of development and interim director, Berkshire Museum. The letter was also signed by Laurie Burdick, science educator, Lanesborough; Agnes Cartier, museum member, Pittsfield; Karen Chase, poet/writer, Lenox; Sarah Clark, educator, Pittsfield; Todd Clark, business owner, Pittsfield; Donald Clark, archivist, writer, Springfield; Stephen Cimini, educator, Pittsfield; Lynn Villency Cohen, art historian, Stockbridge; Carrie Jean Converse, artist, Pittsfield; Michelle Daly, artist and educator, North Adams; Sarah Davis, art historian, Sandisfield; Eric Drury, artist/designer, Pittsfield; Carol Diehl, artist/critic, Housatonic; Paul Dodds, artist, Pittsfield; Renee Dodds, business owner, Pittsfield; Peter Dudek, artist, Windsor. Leslie Ferrin, gallerist, North Adams; Charles Flint, art & antiques gallery, Lenox; Warner Friedman, artist, Sheffield; Jared Gelormino, artist/educator, Stockbridge; Katherine Haig, artist, Pittsfield; Astrid Heiner, writer, North Adams; Ali Hermann, artist, Lenox; Susan Himmell, artist, Albany N.Y.; Grier Horner, artist, Pittsfield; Lyn Horton, artist, Worthington; Margit Gabor Hotchkiss, librarian, Dalton; Paul Graubard, artist, Lenox; Laurie Green, museum facsimiles, Pittsfield; Charles Guiliano, critic, North Adams; Jeanet T. Ingalls, artist, Lenox; Kathy Johnson, guest services associate, Becket. Wendy Tarlow Kaplan, curator, Lenox; Martin Kaplan, esquire, Lenox; Linda Kaye-Moses, art jeweler, Dalton; Jennifer Kimball, artist, Pittsfield; Dawn Klein, educator, Adams; Kurt Kolok, art consultant, North Adams; Susan Frisch Lehrer, museum educator, Lenox; Susan Lyman, esquire, Lenox; Maggie Mailer, artist, New Lebanon, N.Y.; David Peter Moser, art historian, Dalton; Melanie Mowinski, artist and educator, Cheshire; Christina Olsen, museum director, Williamstown; Sienna Patti, gallerist, Dalton; Edward Pelkey, artist, Pittsfield. Amy Pollack, collector, Stockbridge; Lisa Provencher, science educator/artist, Berkshire Museum volunteer, Pittsfield; Leonardo Quiles, artist/educator, Dalton; Kimberly Rawson, communications consultant, Pittsfield; Janet Rickus, artist, Great Barrington; Susan Sauve, educator, Pittsfield; Evan Soldinger, art photographer, Dalton; Monika Sosnowski, artist, Windsor; Rosemary Starace, artist, Pittsfield; Daniel Porter Stevens, artist, Sandisfield; Ute Stebich, collector/gallerist, Plainfield; Danielle Steinmann, museum educator, Pittsfield; Leigh Uqdah, educator, North Adams; Cynthia Wick, artist, Lenox.

Letter: Museum doesn’t merit art upon its walls
Lawrence Davis-Hollander, Ashley Falls

July 28, 2017
Letter: New Rockwells needed
Bruce H Alexander, Hinsdale

Letter: Missed opportunity for science center
Barbara Arpante, Pittsfield

Letter: Destroying past won’t assure museum’s future
Carl Sprague, Stockbridge

Letter: Important questions to ask
Brian T. Allen, Arlington, VT

Letter: Museums can’t become places of amusement
Rob Gorden, Becket

Letter: Museum eliminates risk of mummification
Barbara Roberts, Pittsfield

Letter: Courageous decision to keep museum vital
Jason McCandless, Pittsfield
The writer is Pittsfield superintendent of schools.

Letter: Sell off the reptiles
Carl Rosenstein, Becket

July 27, 2017
Letter: Why not sell art by the yard?
Don Jordan, Lenox

Letter: Berkshire Museum made difficult, wise decision
Michael Zaccaro, Pittsfield

Letter: Pittsfield doesn’t need another huge blow
Cynthia R. Gardner, Pittsfield

Letter: Consider museum art’s other uses
E. J. Johnson, Adams

Letter: Berkshire Museum must cancel sale
James M. Lamme, IV, Egremont

Letter: Display museum works to be sold
Peter Rentz, Pittsfield

Letter: Berkshire Museum betrays public trust by sale of art collection
Carol Diehl, Housatonic
“A museum that would sell its past cannot be trusted with creating its future.”

July 26, 2017
Letter: Berkshire Museum must not sell our heritage
Meredith G. Cochran, Williamstown

Letter: Museum sell-off plan violates its mission
Karen Canfield Border, Pittsfield

Letter: Problems are real, solution is wrong
Sherrill Ingalls, Pacifica, CA
Former director of marketing at the Berkshire Museum

and a nonprofit museum worker for more than 20 years

Letter: Rockwell would have satirized museum
Richard Harrington, North Adams

Letter: Museum plan assures walls to hang art upon
Peter Lafayette, Pittsfield

Letter: Bold change assures future of museum
Seth and Mitch Nash, Pittsfield

Letter: Museum must keep its three key ingredients
John R. Stomberg, Williamstown
The Virginia Rice Kelsey 1961’s director,

Hood Museum of Art at Dartmouth College

Letter: Museum must not violate ethical code
Paul Graubard, Lenox

Letter: Museum board should reconsider art selloff
Bill Cormier, Pittsfield

Letter: Masterpieces belong in Berkshire County
James Wood, Peterborough, NH

July 25, 2017
Letter: Berkshire Museum has violated public trust
Wendy Linscott, Great Barrington

Letter: Museum’s crown jewels glitter in many ways
Kinney Frelinghuysen, Lenox
The writer is director, Frelinghuysen Morris House & Studio.
Editor’s note: Late Monday, the Berkshire Museum released the list of the 40 artworks up for auction.

“Carmen” is not among them.

July 24, 2017
Letter: Berkshire Museum art auction an affront
Syd Smithers, North Pownal, VT

Letter: Positive change for Berkshire Museum
Marita O’Dea Glodt
The writer is wife of the Berkshire Museum board member David Glodt

July 21, 2017
Letter: Museum must teach culture and history
Maureen Johnson Hickey, Naples, FL

July 19, 2017
Letter: Museum shouldn’t drop its role in fine arts
Charles Giuliano, North Adams
The writer is publisher/editor Berkshire Fine Arts

Letter: Bravo to museum for long-term plan
Elie Hammerling, Pittsfield

July 18, 2017
Letter: Berkshire Museum plan violates ethical code
Richard S. Jackson, Jr., Stockbridge

Letter: Plan assures museum of solid county future
Elizabeth McGraw
The writer is president, Berkshire Museum Board of Trustees

July 16, 2017
Letter: Museum contributes to city’s bright future
Laurie and David Tierney, Pittsfield

July 14, 2017
Letter: Museum will link past, present, future
Daniel E. Wollman, M.D., Otis,
Newtown, CT